About project

Awash Woldia/Hara Gebeya Railway Project is a new railway line being constructed between the Ethiopian towns Awash and Woldia. Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC), the owner of the project, is investing $1.7bn in the project. The new line will be completed by April 2018.

The new railway line will connect northern Ethiopia with central region. It will also link the northern and eastern transportation network of Ethiopia. Awash – Kombolcha - Hara Gebaya Railway Project will start from Northeast of Awash and will reach to the city of Hara Gebaya while crossing over Kombolcha.

Total railway route to be constructed by Yapı Merkezi is 428 km including 25 km long station tracks and 11 km long service lines. Besides the railway tracks, this project also involves 4 terminal stations and 6 way stations. Terminal stations will have 3 tracks whereas way stations will have one.

In addition to stations, Yapı Merkezi will construct 1 main depot and workshop for maintenance in Kombolcha. Furthermore, 3 Integrated Maintenance Workshops will be built in Awash, Shewarobit, and Mersa. 8 substations along the line will house the main transformers for traction power. 10 Technical Buildings which involve power room and signaling & telecom room, will be located next to stations. There will be signaling shelters on the switch sections of the main line.

Awash – Kombolcha - Hara Gebaya Railway Project will have an important impact in passenger and cargo transportation between central and northern Ethiopia when it is completed. Yapı Merkezi is committed to accomplish this challenging railway project in time with the highest possible quality and will be delighted to serve the development of Ethiopia.

ERC staff, such as managers, engineers, operators and technical support staff, shall be trained, contractually, during the pre-construction and construction phases by the Yapı Merkezi technical staff about the design works, survey works, construction works (i.e. earthworks, tunnel works, bridge works, drainage works, planning, reporting and document control, etc.), machinery, track works, railway engineering and systems management, power supply systems, catenary systems, telecommunication systems, signaling systems, operational control systems and SCADA, health and safety and about the workshop equipment that shall be delivered to ERC under the scope of services.

Yapı Merkezi shall facilitate the local employment opportunities as much as possible to transfer the knowledge them and to develop their skills. The employment of the local staff shall include the skilled and semi-skilled position, such as, engineers, surveyors, operators, drivers, officers, etc. in addition to the unskilled labor positions.