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The Planting program at Mekoy station

2019-07-16 08:05:29

Akh workers planting more than 1700 trees at Mekoy station. if you want to visit more pictures click the gallery page. 

ኑ ከኛ ጋር ችግኝ እንትከል/ Be a part of tree planting

2019-07-05 02:12:45

The plantation of seedling was completed in Kombolcha Station, Shewarobit, Tunnel-06Workshop Area and Tps-06  by the participation of AKH RailwayWorkers. Also, students from Wollo University KIoT had helped us to plant seedlings as wellif you want to see more images click the gallery page.

Kombolcha Station

The beautiful observation of kombolcha station at night time 

Hiking For Health to Tosa Mountain

Akh Workers Invite you to participate in Hiking tosa Mountain. Miss is not.