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2019-08-22 08:43:42

Today the AKH project workers have just completed the training on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and the new Land Expropriation and compensation proclamation. 

The Planting program at Mekoy station

Akh workers planting more than 1700 trees at Mekoy station. if you want to visit more pictures click the gallery page. 

The Planting program at Hara Gebeya station

2019-07-24 05:59:13

Girana and Jarota Team has executed the second round plantation activity at Hara Gebeya station. It has planted 3000 seedlings at Hara Gebeya station and so far 8000 seedling were planted

BGI PLC and DESSIE FANA BROADCASTING visited Kombolcha Station and Workshop

2019-07-19 10:31:15

BGI PLC and DESSIE FANA BROADCASTING visited Kombolcha Station and Workshop and planted seedlings in Kombolcha Station. 
After the site visit, they had a football match at Yapı Merkezi's football area.

Delegates from Uganda has visited AKH railway project

Delegates from Uganda has visited AKH railway project to share our experiences on railway industry. They visited Kombolcha Station, Tunnel-7, and the Maintenance and Workshop depot. 

ኑ ከኛ ጋር ችግኝ እንትከል/ Be a part of tree planting

2019-07-05 02:12:45

The plantation of seedling was completed in Kombolcha Station, Shewarobit, Tunnel-06Workshop Area and Tps-06  by the participation of AKH RailwayWorkers. Also, students from Wollo University KIoT had helped us to plant seedlings as wellif you want to see more images click the gallery page.

National Green Fingerprint Day Hamle 22

2019-03-29 08:51:38

ERC Kombolcha staff planted 14,000 seedlings together with the collaboration of the contractor, Consultant and special force members at Tunnel 7 entrance and exit. Generally, plantations are done at workshop and different areas of AKH project and we have accomplished our goal of planting 370,000 seedlings. if you need more photos please visit the gallery page.

Ground breaking cermony

2014-10-18 08:53:38

Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn put the groundbreaking stone to start the project on October 18, 2014. Higher officials including the transport minister and CEO of ERC were present during the inauguration of the project.

Kombolcha Station

The beautiful observation of kombolcha station at night time 

ARUP Team and akh workers in Kombolcha Station

Plantation of seedlings were completed by participation of ARUP Team in Kombolcha Station. After the plantation, the team had a site visit to Kombolcha Station.

Hiking For Health to Tosa Mountain

Akh Workers Invite you to participate in Hiking tosa Mountain. Miss is not. 

Kombolcha Station

Kombolcha Station