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Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project.

Eng. Abdulkerim Mohammed Aman (Project Manager)

Msc. in Railway Engineering(St. Petersburg) Civil Engineer


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Project Overview!

Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project, which has a length of 392 kms, initiating from the north east of the city of Awash and arrive to Weldia through the city of Kombolcha.The Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Project has a significant importance as it connects the northern and eastern economic and traffic corridor of Ethiopia. The railway to be built will connect the railway lines from Mekelle to Hara Gebaya and then Addis to Djibouti, which is the main transport corridor for both passenger and freight traffic, and for transport of imported and exported goods via Djibouti Port. Furthermore, the construction of this railway will play an active and significant role in connecting the northern region of the country with the central part.The Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project which has an estimated 1,7 Billion USD shall be completed in 66 months and the design works for the project will be handled by Yapı Merkezi as well. In addition to the length of the main line which is approximately 390 kms, station lines are 18 kms and the maintenance lines are 40 kms. The length of the total line is approximately 425 kms.


Overall Project Progress

Our Project Status by Task

Mobilization 100%
Design 100%
Earth work
Earth work 90%
Bridge Works
Bridge Works 88%
Tunnel Works
Tunnel Works 90%
Culverts 95%
Truck Works
Truck Works 70%
Station Building
Station Building 75%
Power Tractions
Power Tractions 80%
Technical Building
Technical Building 89%
Radio Tower
Radio Tower 100%
Workshop Building
Workshop Building 99%
Geotechnical 100%

    Project Name : Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project Owner : Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) Designer : Yapı Merkezi İnşaat buy essays online ve Sanayi A.Ş Contractor : Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş. Employer’s Repres. : SYSTRA AB cons. with Multi-D Eng.Cons.PLC O&M Co. : Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) Standarts & Codes : EN (Eur.), UIC (Union Intl. Chemindefer, TSE (Turkish) Total Length : 391 km Design Speed : 120 km/h for passanger, 80 km/h for custom dissertation writing services freight (90 km/h at sections with rough topography) Construction Period : 66 months (38 months for Section between km 0-270) Contract Commencement date : October 18/2014


    Earthworks : ~ 97.7 million m3 Tunnels : 12 pieces, total length=10.167 m Bridges : 56 pieces, total length= 55m Overpasses : 10 pieces, total length= 252 m Culverts : 884 pieces, total length= 34,5 km Trackworks : 426 km (including sidings and depot lines) E&M Systems : catenary, power supply, signalling&telecom, OCC Buildings : 10 Stations, Depot and Workshop Facilities, Substations (providing electricity from main lines to substations is ERC responsibility)


    The Ethiopian Government has been undertaking several buy essays online cheap transportation projects as part of a five-year growth and transformation plan (GTP), which aims to enhance the transportation network within the country by connecting to adjacent countries and ports. It will provide efficient mobility and improve the export and import activities, boosting the economic development. National Railway Network of Ethiopia (NRNE) is one of the several projects constituted in the plan. ERC has recognised eight railway routes as significant for development. These routes will have a total length of approximately 5,060km including buffer. NRNE projects will be implemented in two phases. Phase I is composed of five dissertation proposal writing railway projects which include Addis Ababa - Djibouti Railway Project, Mekele - Woldia/Hara Gebeya - Semera-Tadjourah Port Railway Project, Addis Ababa - Ijaji-Jimma-Dima including Jimma - Bedele Railway Project, Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project and Mojo-Shashemene-Arbaminich-Weyto Railway Project. Phase II includes six projects, Jimma-Guraferda-Dima diorected to Boma , Ijaji-Nekemet-Assosa-Kumuruk, Mekele-Shire, Fenoteselam-Bahirdar-Wereta-Woldia, Wereta Azazo-Metema and Adama-Indeto-Gassera-Ginir.


    The new Awash Woldia/Hara Gebeya Railway Project is an extension buy essays online cheap project that will connect to Addis Adaba - Djibouti railway line. Awash railway station lies along the railway line from Addis Adaba to Djibouti. Addis Adaba - Dijbouti is the primary transportation link for mobility of goods and people. The route is also used for import and export purposes through Djibourti port. The 389km-long single railway line will start from the north east of Awash and progress northwards through Kombolcha to reach Woldia. The line will also link with Woldia/Hara Gebeya- Semera-Dicheto-Elidar project which dissertation proposal writing will connect northern Ethiopia with Tadjurah port in Djibouti. The Woldia/Hara Gebeya- Semera-Dicheto-Elidar project will provide second transport link to the port and enhance the country's development. All the current design works are subject to changes according to the final design, however.


    The Awash Woldia / Hara Gebeya railway line will involve the construction of 392km of new rail line, 40km maintenance lines and 18km station lines. It also includes construction of new tunnels, three terminal stations with two platforms, and six intermediate stations with a single platform. The total length of the railway line will thus be 447km. An operation control tower will also be built exclusively for the line. The overhead catenary will provide electricity for the main railway line, depot and stabling lines. Two maintenance facilities, warehouse, generator rooms, maintenance and painting workshop, mechanical service building, wash services, service and commercial buildings will be constructed adjacent to the railway stations.

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Project News

Our Latest News will be Listed below.If you want to read more click on each link and will direct you to the relevant page.

  • Students of KIOT Site Visit

    Students of KIOT Site Visit

    we had a site visit of Kombolcha Station, Workshop and depot, Track, Signaling, and other infrastructure of the project with the final year Civil Engineering department, undergraduate students of Kombolcha Institute of Technology ( KIOT). They were glad to see a mega project like Awash-Kombolcha-Hara gebeya Railway Project and have been inspired to engage in … Students of KIOT Site Visit Read More »
  • The contractor and ERC PO had a meeting from different Stakeholders

    The contractor and ERC PO had a meeting from different Stakeholders

    the contractor (the construction manager, the human personnel head and the security head) and ERC PO had a meeting with Efrata Gidim woreda administration, Ataye town administration, Kewot woreda admistration and Shewarobit town adminstration and explained how it is planned to restart the construction of AKH project during the pandemic. The contractor raised its concerns … The contractor and ERC PO had a meeting from different Stakeholders Read More »
  • Higher officials Site visit

    Higher officials Site visit

    The president of Amhara and other higher officials visited the kombolcha station and Kombolcha workshop Depot.
  • Another Social Corporation Responsibility (SCR)

    Another Social Corporation Responsibility (SCR)

    #AKH family, the Happiness of society is One thing we all seek in life!………………….~~~~~……………………..– We have built more than #500 km of access road for the community and the project during the construction time.– More than #75 km of the access road is constructed only for social purposes.– #435 km access road is constructed for the … Another Social Corporation Responsibility (SCR) Read More »
  • Agreement signed between the corporation and the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation.

    Agreement signed between the corporation and the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation.

    The construction of the Awash Petroleum Depot design and construction, as well as the construction of the Awash-Kombolcha-Hara gebeya Railway project and Ethiopia-Djibouti Link line, has been signed by the corporation and the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation.

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