AKH Project has been visited by higher officials

A site visit is held at the Awash site of AKH Project, Km 00+00 with the team of Ministry of Transport, ERC (Headquarter), Yapi-Merkezi management, ERC Project office, and Awash Fentale Woreda Administration. The visit was led by Minister of the Transport Minister Mrs. Dagmawit Mogos and her team, ERC CEO and DCEO, Yapi-Merkezi Project manager/ construction manager, and AKH Railway project ERC Project manager Eng. Abdulkerim Mohammed. The AKH/EDR Junction line, the Awash town fuel Depot and Awash station were visited. The visit is held to see the connection point of AKH/EDR railway line and progress of the junction rail of the two lines, and to give directions and plans for a link rail between the railway line and Awash town fuel Depot.

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