Delegates have visited our Awash Kombolcha Hara gebeya Railway project 

Visitors from Dessie city Administration Leaders and different society

Wollo University students

Wollo University students visit different sites around kombolcha

Walk for health trip to lake Ardibbo

Awash Kombolcha Hara Gebeya railway project workers Walk for health trip to lake Ardibbo and give pen and exercise book to Ardibbo students. 

ኑ ከኛ ጋር ችግኝ እንትከል / Be a part of tree planting

plantation of seedling was completed in the Kombolcha workshop with the collaboration of the AKH workers and Wollo University KIoT students.

Visitors from Dessie Fana FM, BGI Kombolcha branch and different society delegates have visited Kombolcha Workshop. In addition, they have participated in plantation activity and played football games in our camp football field.